10 October, 2022
Establishment of ARIN-EA
Activity type

The AML/THB Project, in collaboration with ARIN-EA, conducted a regional training on Asset Recovery and Confiscation on 17-21 May 2021 virtually. A total of 53 trainees drawn from the 12 countries of the greater horn of Africa including the ARIN-EA sub- region attended the training. The training focused on understanding international asset recovery frameworks and instruments/standards, the process of asset recovery, asset/financial investigation and basics of THB/SoM with due regard to the regional context.

This training was aimed at reinforcing knowledge and skills on how to trace, investigate, seize/freeze, and recover/confiscate illegally obtained assets in general and the proceeds of THB and SoM in particular. The training detailed techniques and methods of asset investigation, confiscation and management with due emphasis to virtual assets.