Executive Committee

ARIN-EA stands for Asset Recovery Inter-Agency Network for Eastern Africa. ARIN-EA is an informal network which aims at informal exchange of information on individuals, assets and companies, at the regional and international level so as to facilitate the effective tracing and recovery of proceeds of crime and deprive criminals of their illicit gains.

ARIN-EA recognizes the need to promote cooperation at the regional level as well as in international to effectively track/race and recover stolen assets within and beyond the territorial boundaries of Eastern Africa, in collaboration with relevant partners.



To become the World-class center of expertise in exchange of information on tracing and recovery of the proceeds of crime.



To promote sharing of information for the effectiveness of members’ efforts leading to the recovery of proceeds of crime.

Establishment of ARIN-EA


ARIN-EA was conceptualized on 4th July 2013 at a side event during the 4th Global focal Point Meeting on Asset recovery held in Bangkok, Thailand.  The network was launched with the support of StAR Initiative/World Bank of 6th November 2013 in Kigali, Rwanda during the 7th East African Association of Anti-Corruption Authorities (EAAACA) Annual General Meeting (AGM).

ARIN-EA is the first informal network of practitioners in the Eastern Africa Region to tackle the proceeds of all crime.  Creating such an innovative network will increase the possibility of stopping criminals from enjoying the illegally acquired wealth.

Lillian William Kafiti, ARIN-EA President

ARIN-EA President

- Lillian William Kafiti

0n 20.11.2019: The Asset Recovery Network for Eastern Africa elected attn. Lillian William Kafiti as the new president for the Association.



Collaboration within ARIN-EA is guided by the following principles

Regional ownership






Equal and active involvement



ARIN-EA Objectives

  • Building of trust amongst focal points for protection of confidentiality.
  • Focus on the proceeds of all crimes within the framework of domestic and international obligations.
  • Establish itself as a centre of expertise and develop best practices in tackling proceeds of crime.
  • Promote the exchange of information and best practice.
  • Establish and sustainably maintain a network of focal points.
  • Form a solid international network with other related entities such as CARIN, ARINSA, RRAG, ARIN-AP: Global Focal Points on Asset Recovery.
  • Facilitate and promote training and research in all aspects of tackling the proceeds fo crime:
  • Act as an advisory group to other authorities.
  • Establish strategic partnerships and cooperation with the private sector and civil society in achieving its aims.
Jubilee Insurance Centre

ARIN-EA Contacts/Location

The ARIN-EA Secretariat

Jubilee Insurance Centre, Plot 14 Parliament Avenue
P O Box 12274 Kampala - Uganda

Tel: +256 414346185
Fax +256 414 346185
E-mail: arineasecretariat@eaaaca.com