02 April, 2024

With support from the GIZ Global IFF Program, the Eastern Africa Association of Anti-Corruption Authorities held its 15th Annual General Meeting from 2nd – 3rd May 2024. The one-week event from 29th April -3rd May 2024 was hosted by the Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission of Ethiopia under the theme: “COORDINATION, COLLABORATION AND CORPORATION IN ASSET RECOVERY AND THE FIGHT AGAINST CORRUPTION” The one-week event involved the ARINEA Steering Group Meeting, 7TH ARINEA Annual General Meeting, ARINEA training, EAAACA Conference and 15TH AGM. 

During the ARINEA training, Ethiopia launched its In-Country Structures, the main objective of the structures is to enhance collaboration between law enforcement agencies and institutions for purposes of informal sharing of information. Over 25 institutions in Ethiopia were represented. During the EAAACA AGM, the New EAAACA Executive Committee was elected - Inspectorate of Government as President, Ethics Anti-Corruption Commission of Kenya Vice President, Members elected on the Committee include Tanzania, Rwanda, and Ethiopia.

Download the 15th AGM documents from the link below