01 December, 2023

At the ARINEA 6th Annual General Meeting held on 15th and 16th March, 2022 at Safari Park Hotel, Nairobi, members agreed to revive in-country sessions and properly establish in-country structures as a way to increase visibility and usage of ARINEA for informal information exchange.


The primary objective of an in-country session is to create a platform bringing together various agencies whose mandates are critical in the fight against corruption, organized crime, financial crime and money laundering for purposes of information sharing. The sessions will create a platform for the discussion on the complementary role of each institutions’ mandate. The sessions will also be an opportunity to continuously build confidence and trust as a precursor to sharing information. 

Proposed Steps towards an In-Country Structure / Roadmap

Phase 1 – Sensitization and Development of a Proposed Structure & Manual

The nominated technical officers will be sensitized about ARINEA and the critical role of informal networks in the fight against corruption, organized crime, financial crimes and money laundering and the enhancement of recovery of stolen assets. 

The technical officers will be trained on models of in-country structures and the contribution of the intended structure to the country’s goals within the AML CFT country architecture.


The technical officers will develop a proposed structure and a draft manual/instrument for the effective functioning of the in-country sessions, and propose an agency to host the secretariat. 

Phase 2 – Presentation of the proposed structure to the Heads of Institutions

This phase will involve a sensitization meeting for the Heads of Institutions.

In the same meeting, the proposed in-country structure, manual/instrument and proposal on host agency will be presented for deliberations. The proposed instruments may be adopted with or without amendments. Should the instruments be vetoed, a second attempt of Phase 1 may be considered.

Phase 3 – Launch and Inaugural Meeting of the In-Country Session 

This will be a meeting of Heads of Institutions and the technical officers for the launch of the in-country structure and the dissemination of the adopted structure and instruments.