05 September, 2019

From this Monday till Friday 30th August, The Asset Recovery Inter Network of the Eastern Africa is training Investigators and other staff linked to the Asset recovery in different institutions.
41 trainees are staff of The ministry of Justice, Prosecution, Ombudsman, RIB and Rwanda National Police and during five days the team will be trained by trainers from above institutions including Rwanda National Bank trainers.


MUSANGABATWARE Clement, the Acting Ombudsman, officiated this training by exhorting the participants the benefits of their job on the country and asked them to gain much more from this training.
During this training Investigators and asset recovery personnel will deepen the course on how stolen money and other proceeds of crime are mostly transferred into different countries in order to hide them or to disguise their true origin and how asset recovery measures require cross-border cooperation and mutual legal assistance to facilitate the tracing, confiscation and repatriation of assets and other properties stolen.

Some trainees
On 4th July, 2013 during the 4th Global Focal Point Meeting on asset recovery held from 3rd to 5th in Bangkok, Thailand deemed it necessary to establish a Network of Agencies for Asset Recovery in East Africa. With the support of StAR Initiative/World Bank, the Asset Recovery Inter-Agency Network for Eastern Africa (ARIN-EA) was launched on 6th November 2013 in Kigali, Rwanda. Member countries are Burundi, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda.