04 August, 2021

From 26th-30th July 2021


To enhance purposeful in-country and cross border inter-agency cooperation and collaboration in detection, tracing and recovery of illicit finances in the region, the GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit) GmbH IFF Global project entered into partnership with EAAACA/ARINEA to achieve the program objective. The program hired AML global Consulting to reveal real training needs in adoption of special investigation techniques for tracing and recovery of proceeds of crime (controlled delivery, physical and electronic surveillance, undercover operations, financial analysis and use of informants amongst others)

Course Day 1

The objective on Day 1 was to provide the participants with an opportunity to introduce themselves and describe some of the challenges in their own country in respect of money laundering and asset recovery.   there was a real case based presentations on money laundering investigations and terrorist financing to exemplify some of the international best practice methods being used.

Course Day 2

The objective on Day 2 was to provide an overview of the use of crypto currency, Chinese underground banking and informal value transfer systems in relation to the threat to the region and were exemplified by real case studies with reference to ARIN EA country examples

Course Day 3

The objective on Day 3 was to demonstrate how the use of open-source internet research techniques (OSINT) are an important skill for the modern investigator to have when conducting financial investigations and asset recovery

Course Day 4

The objective on Day 4 was to raise the awareness of how covert strategies and tactics can enhance investigative opportunities.

Course Day 5

The objective on Day 5 is to ensure the participants are fully cognisant of the global intelligence development network relating to asset recovery and to promote the concept of the tactical and strategic use of intelligence development in order to promote the drafting of cogent and cohesive pre-mutual legal assistance requests.

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